Podcast 4 – PFAS 2/3 – Risk Avoidance and Minimisation Strategies – ADE Consulting

Today I am delighted to present seminar 2 of a 3 part series on ”How (PFAS) – Risk Manifests on Large Projects” & ”Success in Identifying and Managing PFAS Risks on Large Complex Projects

This Podcast is in association with ADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd.
ADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd is a leading provider of Environmental, Occupational Hygiene, Geotechnical, Drilling and Laboratory Services.

 I am joined by Dr Matthew Askeland and Ross Nefodov

Dr Matthew Askeland – Senior Environmental Scientist and PFAS Specialist 

  • Experienced Contaminated Land Consultant having worked on various State Significant and Commonwealth PFAS contaminated land projects
  • Key expertise in practical PFAS solutions 

Ross Nefodov – Managing Director at ADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd

  • Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry.  
  • Skilled in ISO 17025, Environmental Management, Contract Management, Contaminated Land including PFAS Management, and Construction Management 
  • Strong business professional with a Master of Professional Engineering focused in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Sydney.  

Lets deep dive into the topic of today podcast on PFAS risk avoidance and minimisation strategies 

Today Dr Mattew Askeland and Ross Nefodov will talk about  

  • How Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances or (PFAS) as its commonly referred to,
  • How risk can be avoided with minimisation strategies ” on large Complex projects,
  • PFAS risk avoidance and minimisation strategies addresses stepwise mechanisms that can be put in place to address the key risk propagation areas outlined in seminar 1, 
  • This can be directly applied to projects,
  • One minute recap of key points of the previous seminar,
  • Consideration of PFAS in project scope, 
  • Application of PFAS Pathway-Receptor model,  
  • PFAS investigation detail commensurate with risk,
  • A hierarchy of PFAS risk; – application of appropriate data,
  • A staged approach balances cost against risk minimisation (focus),
  • Top 5 PFAS pitfalls.

Next Weeks Seminar 3 covers the specific measures that can be put in place as PFAS management strategies from the perspective of site management, disposal, reuse, and treatment.  

This seminar assumes all risk identification operations have been undertaken and that PFAS has been identified to the extent at which impacts are well understood across the site.  

Gearoid Considine

Ross Nefodov – NSW

Matthew Askeland

Thank you for joining us and look forward to you joining us on Podcast 2 of our PFAS series in Association with ADE Consulting.  

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